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'34 Company History
Challenge without stopping for the new creation of value

  • 2018.02.Metal structured doors and windows business Registration
  • 2017.11.Re-obtained ASME STAMP ("S", "U", "U2", "PP" STAMP)
  • 2016.04.Recognized as the best job-creator
  • 2016.03.Obtainded CSEL(China Special Equipment License)
  • 2014.12.Obtained CE-PED
  • 2014.12.Obtainded OHSAS 18001:2007
  • 2014.05.Re-obtained SGS YARSLEY ISO 9001
  • 2014.02.Acquired ISO14001 Certificate
  • 2014.01.The Prime minister's prize in Busan
  • 2013.12."1Million USD Export Award "in the 50th Trade Day
  • 2013.09.Foundation Jaegi 'Award of the Minister of Health and Welfare'
  • 2012.10.Registration of the patent for "Turntable for multifuntional cleaning and sterilization systems for welfare medical device"
  • 2012.09.Registration of the patent for "Cleaning and sterilization systems for welfare medical device"
  • 2011.08.Establishing the foundation Jaegi: Revitalization Center for Strained Enterepreneur
  • 2010.01.B. C. Choi inaugurated as President
  • 2009.10.Obtained the 1st certificate in Korea on "Flame Arrestor" by KGS
  • 2009.03.Permitted Patent for "Pearlite" filling method on CE Tank
  • 2008.10. Re-Registered Safety V/V on KGS
    Registered Cryogenic Globe V/V on KOGAS
    Acquired special company for New and Renewable energy
    Acquired B.V certificate for approval of welding procedure
  • 2006.12.Acquired CE Approval for LPG dispenser
  • 2006.08.Acquired National Board ("S" "U" Stamp)
  • 2006.07.Acquired ASME stamp ("S" "U" Stamp)
  • 2004.04.Patent granted for "Control device for controlling Gas Filling or Oil Oiling and Control device"
  • 2004.01.Set up branch factory in Jinyoung (tank manufacturing)
  • 2002.12.Acquired UL Mark on GLOBE V/V by UL
  • 2001.01.Renamed as MS ENG CO., LTD.
  • 1999.04.Acquired ISO9001 certificate approved by SGS Yardley inspection –institution
  • 1997.12.Acquired ISO9001 certificate approved by KOREA inspection institution
  • 1992.11.Designated as a promising small and medium enterprise by Woori bank
  • 1992.01. Started the business of authorized inspection of L.P.G
    tank and facilities on behalf of government authority (KOLAS)
  • 1989.12.Designated as promising gas company by KOGAS
  • 1988.11.Joined in KSEI (Korea Semiconductor Equipment Institution)
  • 1988.03. Acquired the license to manufacture high pressure gas
    Acquired the trade business No. 382113
  • 1983.11.Acquired construction license
  • 1982.06.Started business under the name of 'WON Engineering Co., Ltd.'
  • 1982.02.Established

MS ENG - High Tech Gas Engineering System & Equipments

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