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Plant Facility

Products & Technologies
To construct a place for special goods production, production line is
complicated or required high technologies like manufacturer provides
complete goods. It means the business for making production line.

Utility Package System

Fuel Gas Supply System img

Emergency Nitrogen Supply System Emergency Nitrogen Supply System is designed to supply nitrogen to main nitrogen line in case of emergency for petrochemical, chemical, power plant, etc.
The liquefied gas is vaporized and provided with adequate pressure aligned to client needs.

  • Project: Saudi-Arabian Chlor Vinyl
  • Contractor : Daelim
LN2 Storage Tank Vaporizer E / Heater
Type Vertical Double Wall Natual Ambient Vaporizer ·
2007ED + 09 ADD
2007ED + 09 ADD
Design Pressure 15+1.01 Barg.(INNER)
-1.01 Barg.(OUTER)
15 Barg. 15 Barg.
Design Temp -196/+40℃(Inner) /
-196 ~ +85℃ 85℃
Capacity · 3817 Nm3 / hr 4,772 Kg / hr
3817 Nm3 / hr

LNG Satellite Station

LNG Satellite Station is designed to supply natural gas to remote area not served by pipeline network.
LNG transported by tank lorry from LNG receiving terminal is stored, vaporized and supplied after regulating pressure.

LNG Satellite Station img

LNG Satellite Station img

  • Components
  • LNG Storage Tank
  • LNG Vaporizer
  • Heater
  • Odorant Tank
  • Pressure Regulator
  • Emergency Shut-off Valve

Hydrogen Station

Hydrogen Station is an ideal solution for production of high-purity hydrogen and filling fuel cell vehicles with high-pressure hydrogen compressed and stored at a pressure of 40MPa up to 70MPa.

Hydrogen Station img

Fluids Naphtha, NG, and LPG
Capacity · 30~300 N㎥/hr
· Charging consecutively 5 FCV on a daily basis
Project Hydrogen Station at Yonsei University
Capacity 30 N㎥/hr
Description · Generate hydrogen by 30 N㎥ per hour
· Installed on-site hydrogen production system

Hydrogen Station img

MS ENG - High Tech Gas Engineering System & Equipments

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