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Reference List

Challenge and Innovation
Challenge without stopping for the new creation of value.
Respond aggressively to recognize the crisis as new opportunity.

Key reference for Manufacturing items

Facilities Installation Status
  • Employed as Standard Specification to the main Oil & Gas Companies
Loading Arm
  • Installed and in service at 1,200 stations out of 1600 stations across the nation
Gas Compressor (LPG,NH₃)
  • GEmployed as Standard Specification to GS Caltex
Dispenser (LPG)
  • GEmployed as Standard Specification to GS Caltex
LPG Small Package tank
  • Supplying items to E1 by annual terms
  • Supplying to main CE tank makers and Self-consumption on MS CE tanks
  • Registered as a supplier for LNG valve to KOGAS

Plant Key Reference

Facilities Installation Status
NH₃ Supplying facilities construction
  • Youngheong Firestation #1,#2,#3,#4 / Dangjin Firestation: Denitrificatio and others
  • POSCO Kwangyang / Pohang : Sintering Furnace
Freon gas supplying & storage facility
  • R-134a, R-410a for LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Daewoo Electronics and many others
LPG filling and storage facility
  • Kangjin Endegy, Sandong gas and many others
  • E1 LPG stations and many others
  • yundai Oil bank, GS Caltex and many others
Hi-Pressure gas supplying and storage facility
  • PKC, Linde(BOC) and many others
  • Hanjin Havey Industries in Subic(Philippines)
  • Fine Besteel; LNG storage and supplying facility
New & Renewable energy(H2 station, Poly silicon fabrication procedure)
  • GS Caltex H2 station(at Yonse Univ. Korea) Turn-key
  • Monosilane(SiH₄) for poly silicon fabrication, H₂ supplying facility / (Sodiff)

MS ENG - High Tech Gas Engineering System & Equipments

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